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Some cultures refer to the Atlas vertebrae as "the mouth of God." Regardless of our religious beliefs, this saying denotes the power of the area and the importance of it being in balance.​


Dr. Gregg is the founder and owner of Back N Balance. Originally from Montrose, Colorado, Dr. Gregg is a 1995 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. She started her practice in Austin after graduation and continues to be active in the NUCCA organization.

She has passed Level II Certification by the NUCCA Board and is currently a Certification Candidate for Level III. She served on the NUCCA Board for 8 years and in previous years taught biomechanics, X-ray analysis, and adjusting steps at the NUCCA conferences. She has also taught the NUCCA elective at Palmer College. Dr. Gregg recently completed her Diplomate in Chiropractic Cranial Cervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP),  a 3 year course with in depth studies of the brainstem (the cranial cervical junction)....


Back n Balance has been serving the Austin Community for more than 25 years. The precise correction of the misaligned spine using the NUCCA procedure, supported by over 50 years of research, distinguishes Back n Balance as one of the premier facilities for relief and recovery from spinal and spine related conditions. 

The doctors of Back n Balance guide patients in finding and correcting the fundamental underlying causes of a wide range of conditions by addressing the atlas subluxation complex, spinal misalignments, nutrient deficiencies, chemical toxicity, stress, fatigue and emotional pain. By doing so, your body is given back the power to heal, allowing you to focus on your life, and not your symptoms. 


We are passionate about our profession and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to help you and your family reach and/or maintain optimal health and well-being. 


We acknowledge our responsibility to continually educate ourselves and our patients to provide the highest level of care to every patient.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of chiropractic care in order to remove interference from the body so that the body can heal itself.

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