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Patricia L. Gregg,  D.C.  P.A.  D.C.C.J.P

She has passed Level II Certification by the NUCCA Board and is currently a Certification Candidate for Level III. She served on the NUCCA Board for 8 years and in previous years taught biomechanics, X-ray analysis, and adjusting steps at the NUCCA conferences. She has also taught the NUCCA elective at Palmer College. Dr. Gregg recently completed her Diplomate in Chiropractic Cranial Cervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP),  a 3 year course with in depth studies of the brainstem (the cranial cervical junction).

Dr. Gregg says she’s frequently asked about how she became interested in chiropractic care and NUCCA in particular. She replies, “In my first year of undergraduate studies at the age of 18, I was home for the Christmas holidays. While out sledding with friends on a country road, I was run over by a Dodge 4×4. Although I had no apparent “serious” injuries, a few months later my body started to break down and give out. Anxiety, sciatica, dystonia, severe neck and back pain were a few of the problems I started to experience.


After seeing alternative providers for 5 years after the accident, it was only after I had my first NUCCA adjustment that my health and my life started to come back.”She absolutely loves what she does and is grateful for the blessing of being able to share this with people. Away from the office, she is active in Heartwork, a process which allows one to open their heart and be present in each moment. She enjoys her deep meditation practice as well as Qigong.